2013-2014 Preschool Teacher Position
520 East Main Street
Pierce, Nebraska 68767
Church 402-329-4313
School 402-329-4658
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Zion Lutheran Preschool & School

Pierce, Nebraska

Job Description for Programs 3 & 4 Preschool Teacher-20 hours/week

Application Deadline is Wednesday, May 1

Send Resume and Cover Letter to:

Shellie Kosmerchock; 520 E Main St; Pierce, NE 68767

Summary of Qualifications:

Education:     A high school diploma and a certification in early childhood education are required. An Associateís Degree in Early childhood Education will         also be considered.

Experience:   Experience in working in an early childhood aged environment would be beneficial, but no previous experience is required.

Personal:       Must be a Christian by faith affirmation and be an active member of a Christian church; must be a sensitive and mature individual who is able to relate to both children and adults; must be in good health, honest, dependable, resourceful, and organized; must be a good communicator; must be capable of managing preschool and elementary school-aged children; must genuinely love children.


The teacher shall be directly responsible to the principal who shall be responsible to the Board of Parish Education that meets on a monthly basis.


The preschool teacher will assume the overall task of organizing and overseeing the yearly classroom duties. This includes:

         Organization and implementation of the yearly lesson plans i.e., curriculum building, weekly themes, programs, etc.

         Setting up learning centers and preparing needed materials and supplies.

         Provide snack and clean up routine. (The school snacks are provided by each studentís family. Milk can be purchased from the school to accompany snack.)

         Assist with snack wash-up and toilet routine and help students with any clothing issues.

         Keep bulletin board and other classroom learning displays up to date.

         Perform other duties assigned by the principal.

         Attend scheduled staff meetings, orientation, and occasional parent meetings.

         Must take the required certification (e.g. CPR, first aid/asthma, and others)




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