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​Z​ion Lutheran Church & School

Preschool-Age 4        •   Develop and expand receptive and expressive language •   Be introduced to beginning phonics •   Begin to develop strategies that will assist them in reading •   Acquire scientific knowledge related to earth science •   Be introduced to concepts of numbers and counting •   Learn to recognize, count, and write numbers 1-20 •   Learn to match, sort and classify •   Begin to develop age-appropriate writing skills •   Learn about art, music, and science across the curriculum Spiritual growth
Preschool-Age 3 •   Objectives •   Develop and expand expressive vocabulary •   Develop self-help skills •   Participate in activities that relate the sciences to daily living •   Develop sorting and classifying skills with the use of manipulatives •   Foster the development of fine motor skills through drawing and painting •   Develop listening skills using a variety of literacy forms •   Define numbers through real-world experiences •   Develop age-appropriate strategies that will assist them with reading and writing •   Spiritual growth