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For an updated calendar please visit: http://www.zionlutheranpierce.com/school-calendar.html or www.zlswildcats.com

Seward Track Meet has been moved to May 13th.

Student Council Craft Fair
Change: Sunday, May 7th following the 10 am services, the Zion Student Council and their sponsor-Mrs. Stonacek, will be hosting a Craft Fair. Free-will donation and all proceeds will go towards student council funding.

The K-8 Choir will be singing this Sunday at the 10 am Service. This Service will also include our 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony.

There will be a 10 am late start on Wednesday, May 10th due to a Pierce Public School In-service.

Registration Forms
Registration Forms were sent home for students who had not turned them in yesterday. PLEASE return them asap. Without the right counts, we will not have the right amount of textbooks, supplies, etc. Please help us plan for next year.

Laurie Wilson Benefit & Card Shower
There will be a benefit for member Laurie Wilson on Monday, May 29th from 11-3 in the Zion Auditorium.  Lunch will be served from 11-3. Organizers are currently seeking silent auction and bake sale items. 

CARD SHOWER Please join us in showering our sister in Christ, Laurie Wilson, with cards for her birthday while she is in the hospital. Laurie’s 45th birthday is on Monday, May 1st, but cards can be sent throughout the week. The address is UNMC 4350 Dewey Street, Clarkson Tower, Room 3821, Omaha, Nebraska 68105. We continually keep Laurie in our prayers and ask the Lord for healing.

Talent Show Entries
We are now ready to take entries for our 2017 Talent Show to be held on May 10th at 7:00 pm. Typically each classroom does something special, but if individuals would like to-we would LOVE to have you. We are also planning on an art show at the talent show. Please have all entries to Mrs. Lambrecht by May 5th.

Contact the school office with…
Student(s) Name or small group members
Type or name of entry
What you’ll need-for example-piano, microphone, music stand, CD player, etc. Please have all recorded music to Mrs. Lambrecht by May 5th.
Length of entry-or estimate

We have a new Scrip Coordinator! Please call Tami White at 402-613-1278 or Audrey Marks at 402-750-2168 and they will make arrangements with you to meet with Scrip until we have everything all worked out. Thanks!

Please place all orders before Sunday, as the orders will be placed then. 

We also have LOTS of Buckle on hand. Great for spring shopping!

 PTLS Notes
Officers needed for the 2017-2018 School Year. Please call the school office if you would like to serve your school in this way. You will have excellent team support and its a great way to be involved with Zion Lutheran School!

Incoming President: Kelsey Bauer
Need: Vice President (will be 2018-2019 President), Secretary (2 year term), and Handbook Committee (2 people)

 Reminder: If you were interested in being a room parent for next year but did not indicate that  on the back of your enrollment sheet, please notify the office. There WILL NOT be a sheet posted for this. We will only use the information that is indicated on the back of the sheet for room parent. Thanks!

 Sign up sheets: Please check the wall outside of the school office for the rest of the sign up sheets. We will have these posted the evening of the Operetta and the evening of the Talent show. The LAST NIGHT to sign up will be closing Chapel on Wednesday, May 17th. Following this date, we will be assigning names that will be printed in the new handbook for fall.  If you forget to sign up, please feel free to call the office and let us know your preference. As with anything, if any committee dates do not work for you, you may switch at any time but you are responsible for finding your own replacement and letting the office know as well.

 End Of The School Year Bookkeeping Notes

Statements are current as of 4/24/2017. Please check your statement, as there are notes on some to help you understand what is due. Thanks!

 Please note that all balances must be paid in full no later than May 16th, 2017. We will need to close out all accounts for the transition to the new Administrative Assistant.

Lunches-Cafeteria Line on Super Statement-look at that line only-it is NOT included in total at the bottom.

 If the Cafeteria Line is…
Negative=Due on account
Positive=Credit on account

 For planning for the remainder of the year…

Snack orange or apple juice= $.40 each
Snack white or chocolate milk= $.50 each
Grades K-2 lunch= $3.10
Grades 3-6 lunch= $3.15
Grades 7-8 lunch= $3.35

Book Fee Assistance
If you would like to be considered for Book Fee Assistance, please let the school office know by May 5th –NO LATER-so we have time to get approval and get the amount of the assistance credited to your account. Full book fee may not be available-depends on the number of applicants and the funds available. Please let us know what you are able to contribute to your account. Thanks!

 7th and 8th Grade Computer Deposits Please let the office know how you would like your deposits to be applied: to a line item on your invoice or refund

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